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Comprehensive Sales Training and Coaching

The world has evolved.

Product dumping and order taking isn’t effective.

Businesses have new expectations of their sales professionals. In order to be truly successful in sales, you have to become your client's trusted business partner, offering insights and solving issues.

Our methodology is focused on shifting how you sell. 

Shifting focus from your product and service to solving your customer's problems with your unique solution.

Sales Shyft provides comprehensive sales training and coaching for organizations, teams, and individuals.

We are passionate about helping your team increase revenue by training them to become your client's trusted advisor instead of just another sales person.


360° Sales Assessment

Many businesses have no way to assess their sales team effectively. They look at bottom-line numbers or quarterly projections, but they rarely take a broad view of everything happening in their sales department. In our 360° Sales Assessment, we look at the whole picture.

Workshops and Seminars

We provide a wide range of workshops and seminars covering everything from setting effective, personalized meeting agendas to strategizing complex negotiations. Whether you have a team of veteran sales professionals or a team of rookies, we have workshops to fit every level of experience.

Team Coaching

Our customized sales coaching goes beyond workshops and trainings. We act as consultants, getting to know your sales team, especially their challenges and weaknesses. By identifying and discussing problem areas, we can develop tailored solutions that shift thinking and maximize results.


Customized Individual Sales Coaching

Our individual coaching is customized to your specific challenges and goals. No matter what you are facing as a sales professional, our personalized coaching will help you break through plateaus and reach new heights of personal success.

On Demand Webinars

Whether you are new to the sales profession, want to begin a career in sales, or need a refresher, this coaching course is the best investment you can make in yourself and your sales career. 

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