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The Sales Shyft

Does your company need to increase revenue and profitability? 

Sales has changed dramatically in the last ten years and businesses and sales teams must change with it.

I will help your company increase your team close rate by shifting the sales teams focus away from

selling products and services to solving customer issues with your unique solutions.

Successful Work Team

360 Degree Sales Assessment

Many businesses have no way to assess their sales team effectively.

They look at bottom-line numbers or quarterly projections,

but they rarely take a broad view of everything happening in their sales department.

In our 360° Sales Assessment, we look at the whole picture.

We evaluate culture, training, team, and more. We spend dedicated time with your sales managers and conduct observations of your individual sales representatives in the field.

Sales Shyft is a Certified DiSC trainer and can utilize the DiSC assessment to help you harness your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. 


doing work together

Workshops and Seminars

We provide a wide range of workshops and seminars covering everything from setting effective, personalized meeting agendas to strategizing complex negotiations.

Whether you have a team of veteran sales professionals or a team of rookies,

we have workshops to fit every level of experience.

You won’t find any boring lectures in our training.

We focus on real-world skills and practical, hands-on exercises.

Whether these workshops are hosted on-site or off-site, they are built to engage and entertain while actively teaching new skills and better sales strategies.

Young Businesswomen

Team Coaching

Our customized sales coaching goes beyond workshops and trainings.

We act as consultants, getting to know your sales team, especially their challenges and weaknesses.

By identifying and discussing problem areas, we can develop tailored solutions that

shift thinking and maximize results.

From in-field ride alongs to quarterly accountability calls, our expert coaches will

mentor and guide your sales team to next-level success.